Domain Name: Welcome to the best “chinese domains” news portal DnChinese

Welcome to the best “chinese domains” news portal DnChinese

You will find resources and information regarding the latest trends about the domaining Chinese market. We will provide information based on our infield experience, and expertise from the domain industry.

DnChinese is supported by 3 top european domainers, who make a living buying and selling domains at higher value.

The main moderator will be our host, Hallille Azami, a succesful businessman who manage online and offline businesses.

Something important, all the posts are done from native French and Dutch speaking domainers. You may find some English errors, but overall the english level is high enough to provide you with the right information. We may hire an English native reviewer of the content published in a near future. In the mean time, we hope that you will not be too offended by our level of English.

DnChinese is a marketplace where domainers can publish their domain portfolio.

The only condition being the domains should target the Chinese businesses.

Chinese domains use a limited set of characters, they are no vowels and they don’t use the “V”.

Something fascinating in the chinese culture, is the importance of the numbers. This created a new wave of investment in numeric domains names.

Usually the shorter is better, but an easy to remember pattern can outprice a shorter domain name.

The rules that fix the value of a chinese domain name are different than the typical western domain name

If you want to publish your portfolio in this marketplace, contact us via the contact form.

Chinese investors and domainers will have an opportunity to become vip members and be alerted when premium domain names are available. They will be notified before the domains are publlished on the website.